An American craft, chocolate movement. When chocolate is made from “bean-to-bar”, it means that every step of the process is done by the chocolate maker. Condor Chocolates is a “bean-to-bar” establishment. We sort every cocoa bean by hand. Roast, Crack, Grind, Winnow, Melange, Temper, and Form. Repeat!

The entire chocolate process (from cocoa bean to chocolate bar) is completed at our factory, and 100% traceable from each bar, to every bean, to every farm! Our beans are imported to us from cacao farms in Ecuador, South America. The Bean-to-bar movement has grown, and it has allowed us to grow in the experience producing fine chocolates and creating meaningful relationships with our cacao farmers. The next step is to share this experience and relationship with you! When you purchase Condor Chocolate, you take home unique, Ecuadorian flavors, grown and dried by our farmers, and roasted and processed right here in Athens, Georgia.


Every bar of chocolate that we produce is made from cocoa beans and cane sugar, among a minimal list of inclusions that don’t hinder the flavor of the beloved beans. The Ecuadorian climate and terrain ranges from the desert-like southern coast, to the snowcapped peaks of the Andes, to the plains of the Amazon basin. This varying range in nature affects the flavors of the beans used in our chocolate.

Our Palo Santo cocoa beans, sourced from a family-run farm on the coastal edge of the provinces of Guayaquil and Santa Elena shares its home with tropical flowers, bananas, and hardwoods resulting in a variety of nutty, fruitier notes found within the cacao of this region.

Where does the bean come from? Cacao pods mature into an array of vibrant colors from green or yellow to orange or red. But what is truly beautiful about this fruit is what is inside its “mucilage”, a sweet white pulp that surrounds the seeds — the notably bitter, cocoa beans. Each cacao pod contains between 20 and 60 beans. As for the cocoa beans, theobromine, which is very similar to caffeine, gives beans their bitter taste. This lends us the organic, rich flavor in our bean-to-bar process.

What beans do we use?
El Deseo // Camino Verde // Galera // Esmeraldas // Palo Santo


Condor Chocolates’ cacao beans are single-origin, because our beans are harvested from one source— and the chocolate that’s made from the variety of cacao harvested is from one region alone. Our region? Ecuador! The advantage of being single-source is that you can taste the unique flavors that each type of bean has. Condor Chocolates has a few different varieties of chocolates with their own individual flavors, particular to their regions in Ecuador.