Grab something to go or come hangout with us.  Indoor and outdoor seating.

Bring a friend, bring a book, bring your dog, eat some chocolate (but don’t give chocolate to your dog).

condor cafe tab pic

Our menu changes often / Stop by and checkout our latest creations


$2 each / see board for today’s selection

Condor Chocolate Bars

$8 each / see shelf for today’s selection

Baked Sweets

Salted Caramel Brownie $5

A La Mode Brownie $5

Macarons $2.50 Mayan or Passionfruit

Cloud Boulder $2.50 / house marshmallow covered in dark chocolate

Chocolate Drinks

Chocolate Milk $3

Hot Cocoa $4

Sipping Chocolate $3.50

ask about dairy-free options

Build Your Own Milkshake

Vanilla or Chocolate $6

Coffee or Mocha $7

ask about dairy-free options

Toppings $0.25 each

pecans / dulce de leche / coconut / chocolate syrup / biscotti crumbs /

mayan / toffee / cocoa nibs / chocolate chunks / honeycomb candy

Frozen Treats

Gelato $3 scoop / chocolate, vanilla, coconut sorbet

Affogato $5 / gelato “drowned” in espresso *you need this

Gelato Sandwich  $4

Coffee Drinks

Mocha $4.50 / available iced

Espresso $2.75

Americano $3 / available iced

Cortado $3.25

Latte $4 / available iced

Cocoa Nib Cold Brew $3 / seasonal

ask about dairy-free options

Other Drinks

Whole Milk $1.50 / for kids or for the kid in all of us

San Benedetto Water $3 / still or sparkling