Serving locally roasted coffee that we love.


Condor is a chocolate mecca located in friendly Five Points, Athens GA. As a hotspot for studying, meeting friends, or just getting to know your own chocolate tastes, our café team will help you satisfy your chocolate cravings. Drop by and learn about the chocolate-making process! Have a seat at the bar with a cup of locally brewed coffee, try our marshmallow-dipped sipping chocolate, and enjoy the lingering chocolate aromas in the air.

Condor is a “bean-to-bar” establishment. This means that the whole chocolate process (from cacao bean to chocolate bar) is completed in one setting! Our beans are imported from Ecuador. So not only is the movement producing fine chocolate — it also creates meaningful relationships with our cacao farmers. When you purchase condor chocolate, you take home a treat with unique Ecuadorian flavor, grown and dried by our farmers, roasted and processed right here in Athens.