Process: From Ecuador To You


Our beans come from lush forests in Ecuador. Ripe cacao pods are harvested by hand. These pods contain seeds, the basis for all chocolate.


Cacao seeds are fermented on the farm to intensify flavor, then dried in the equatorial sun.


Our beans are packed in burlap sacks, much like coffee beans. The sacks are transported by ship to a port in the USA, and brought by truck to our front door in Athens.


Hand sorting ensures only the best quality beans makes it to the oven. We know the beans are ready for the next step when the shop is filled with a warm chocolatey aroma.


Roasted beans are cracked to remove the shell from the insides, which we call nibs. The nibs, along with cane sugar, are ground together with stone wheels in a machine called a melanger. After two days of grinding, the nibs and sugar transform into smooth chocolate.


We stabilize the chocolate through a process of heating and cooling called tempering. This provides a shiny exterior and crisp snap when you take a bite.


Condor chocolate is poured into molds, some for bars, and the rest for later use as truffles, hot cacao, and other confections. It’s now ready for you to enjoy.