Located at Chase St Warehouses, the Condor factory is where we process the cacao from beans to chocolate. This roasting site is where our workers hand-sort every bean, winnow them, and produce our variety of chocolate bars.


Behind the scenes, our back of house ladies are constantly hard at work transforming our chocolate into toffees and truffles, and whatever else they have up their sleeves. The delicious products created by these talented chocolatiers are the source of that incredible smell you’ll encounter when walking into Condor for the first time.


Espresso and sipping chocolate, coffee and milkshakes, truffles and affogato…the Condor cafe presents an array of sweets perfect for gifts, for dates, and for you! Our café team is a small and tightly-knit family of athenians whom are very happy to share the Condor story and answer any of your chocolate inquiries!


Without farmers there wouldn’t be a Condor. It all starts with their native cacao trees. Ecuadorian farms throughout its country have become the best home for our single-source cacao that we use in your favorite chocolates that you get to take home!